CS Fordyce Ltd

Advanced Database Solutions

Give your business the systems it deserves.

These days, competition comes in fast and furious so it's important that businesses examine their systems and processes regularly to maintain their competitive edge.

We design web based systems that are not only intuitive and highly efficient, but fully customisable to cope with the future changes and improvements that inevitably arise.

Dynamic forms lead users through the processes while also automating many of the tasks involved, like checking stock levels or automatically emailing invoices. The result is considerably improved throughput and far less data entry errors.

Business solutions:

Custom database systems - designed for your exact business needs.

Dynamic and efficient solutions to automate complex business issues.

Collect and manage your data through intuitive forms that suit your processes.

Scalable and adaptable to meet your company's growth and physical locations.

Collaborate with co-workers in close to real time.

Cloud based - Access your system from most internet connected devices.